Peer 2 Peer Lending

Peer 2 Peer Lending

by 2020finance
The P2P providers we introduce have been involved in advising businesses on the raising of funds via P2P platforms since its emergence. They have even advised some newly emerging platforms on how to construct their lending guidelines and how they should treat new borrowers.
Benefits of arranging P2P funding:
Solutions we introduce:
  • P2P providers will guide you through the funding process, advising you through all stages
  • An alternative to traditional lending
  • P2P is a relatively new concept which bypasses the banks to allow businesses to borrow money directly from ordinary people. Businesses get the funding they need, and lenders get a better rate than they would leaving their money in the bank. In between the borrower and the lender stands the P2P platform which handles the collection and distribution of loans and repayments.

Product Type


Requirements to Progress an Enquiry

P2P – bespoke loan or revolving credit facility

8-15% plus arrangement fee of 4-8% of loan value

  • Last year end accounts
  • Latest management accounts
  • Forecasts
  • Short form overview detailing need for funds